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Understanding Childbirth Class

Understanding Childbirth Class

Did you know that childbirth practices and childbirth education can influence breastfeeding outcomes? We encourage you to register for our online childbirth class to help ensure the best possible start to your breastfeeding journey. Our class offers you the ability to ask our Certified Childbirth Educator (who is also a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner) questions as you review the course, making it the ideal choice to learn at your own pace while having a knowledgeable educator at your fingertips to answer your personal questions. Most individuals will complete this class in 4-6 hours. The cost of the childbirth class is $99. Please check with your insurance and many insurers will reimburse you for childbirth preparation


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Understanding Childbirth Class

Check out our Understanding Childbirth Class. Childbirth education can positively influence breastfeeding outcomes for you. We also offer an online course on understanding breastfeeding.


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